Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fish Updates

Still working on my rack. It is all built but still being modified and tweaked. :) I did decide I want solid shelves on it to accommodate my slightly odd shaped tanks. And I am still working on working out the lighting.

My fish from the show are all doing great, except that I did lose one of the HB yellow males. The other two are doing wonderfully though they seem to be freaked out by girls. Once I get my rack set up I will put both in with a few girls and maybe the fact that they have competition will get them going.

I am still trying to decide what strains to keep and which to part with. I do want to focus on my Blue/Green Snakeskins and my Red Snakeskins. Blue Grass are staying for sure, as are full reds. And I would like to work on a line of full deep yellows, so I am keeping a few Micariff, the HB yellows, and I just bought a pair of Yellow Deltas that will be arriving next week. Plus I have the Hybrid Endler project and the Speartails. That means that I will probably part with the Solid Blue Snakeskins. They are nice hefty fish, from several well known lines, but I just don't care for the color. Bubble was the exception and I will keep her daughters till I can tell if any will end up like her. If they do I will breed them to my Blue Snakeskins.

With all these projects going I really should cut down a bit more but gosh I just love them. lol We will see this fall which ones have done well for me and which will go.

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