Sunday, May 10, 2009

Attending my first Guppy Show!

I am preparing to attend a Guppy show for the first time this next weekend. I am pretty excited to meet so many Guppy people in person and see the beautiful fish. I won't have any old enough to show of my own but I will be handling some fish for a friend of mine. :)

Now an update on my fish...

Solid Snakeskins - I have not gotten any more fry out of Bubble my Solid Snake female from Rod. I think she popped while I was not home and had a large feast. :P The fry from the first drop I got are getting big now at around 6-7 weeks old now. They look just like mom so far.. fat & short bodied little things. Frank Falcone sent me some of his amazing Solid Snake line a few weeks ago so now I have those as well. He sent me 4 females and 1 young male. The young guy is starting to color up now. They are some nice looking fish. Here is the young male.

Blue Snakeskins - one of the young fry that came as a bonus with my original trio from Toni has colored up and is really looking nice. His tail is much more sturdy than the original male I got and I like his pattern a lot. He is also easily larger than the original male which is excellent. I have a ton of fry from the trio and am able to get picky now on who I keep. The first fry I had born in my tanks are from that trio and they are looking nice so far. I hope to be able to show some of them at the Chicago show in August. :)

Spanish Dancers - I have decided to part with this line, so all but one female are in my sale tank. They are pretty fish but I have decided to stick to a few others. It is fully a case of too many strains and not enough tank space! The one female I am holding back has a beautiful spot pattern on her tail and I want to try to use that with the Red Snakeskin line, and see what happens. Hopefully get some Red Leopard Snakeskins.

Tequila Sunrise Ribbon - My daughter decided to do these as her 4H project so I gave her a trio and a ribbon male. I think I had 3-4 Ribbon males, and no ribbon females. The rest were non-ribbon. Hopefully I can keep the ribbon coming from them. They are still fairly young, a few males have started to color up.

Blue Grass Ribbon - These guys gave me their first drops a week ago. The total fry was 5. LOL.. boy I hope next drops for these 3 are bigger.

That is about it I think. The Red Snakeskin fry are getting big and fat, and one of the largest males from my first female that died, is getting his tail spots.


  1. I am so jealous! I'd love to go. Where is it?

  2. It's in Detroit. Details are here: