Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Red female, that I bought at the show last month, dropped about 45-50 fry for me yesterday! I am so happy to have a nice big bunch of fry to pick from when they grow. I would never have guessed she was carrying that many fry though! When I checked on her in the drop jar yesterday I saw about 8. She looked like she was done and was eating some food so I took her out and put her in the female tank. Then I took out the plants I had in teh jar and came back and thought, wow there are like 20-30! Then I took a picture of the jar later to post and counted at least 40! And that was with some of them down by the gravel where I could not see. Not bad!

Now I just hope my RREA Red female is hit. She's still not very round, so I am losing hope there. I have her in a drop jar anyway just in case!

I got my rack all set up, though I still have a few tanks to seal. I did get 3 ten gallon tanks set up on top, and all my drop jars on the wall shelves. It's slowly coming together!

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