Friday, February 3, 2017

Storms & Rainbows

Catching up... 

August 2011 we moved to a new house, a fixer upper and then some, but it had good bones and 5.5 years later it's finally coming to the point that we can focus on non-essential areas... like the unfinished basement. 

In August 2013 we welcomed a new child, through adoption. A two yr old son with special needs whom we loved dearly. 

Feb 1st, 2015 I sat with my 4 yr old son, and we looked at fish online on the computer, while I worked on a sculpture. He loved the fish. We got him a tank for his birthday, and had plans to go to the fish auction and get some nice fish for it just a couple weeks later. I'd had guppies at the old house and had a lot of fun with them, and thought you know it would be cool to finish the basement and put some racks of tanks down there, and we could go down and watch the fish. I even went back to my old online guppy forum and told them I thought I might try it again.  And then morning came, the world shook, and everything fell apart. He had passed away in his sleep. 

Feb 2nd, 2017 We cleaned the basement in preparation to finish making it a more usable space. Half of it got done some time ago, and the rest has just been waiting patiently while the spiders repeatedly tried to claim it for their own. Hubby installed a few new lights, and we talked about what to do with the space. Part he wants some sort of game area. Part will remain storage. Another section I claimed for the fish. 

So here we go. I wish he could have seen it, but our newest two adopted kiddos will enjoy it as will the rest of us. I have not decided what types of Guppies I want to try again, but I have collected a few from a LFS that seems to be buying from someone that breeds for show. I'll head out to the auction later this month and get some trios and see what happens from there.