Monday, November 23, 2009

Ok, now for an update on the rest of them.

I have been having some issues with our well water here, and lost quite a few fish about a month and a half ago. Only the strongest survived, which made it easier to decide what strains to keep.

The Blue/Multi Grass Ribbonfin line - These fish are doing exceptionally well. They are tough prolific fish, and not to mention gorgeous. They will stay here forever. I did lose my ribbon female after she dropped, but it seems she dropped a ton of ribbon fry for me to work with. I have about 8 new ribbon females growing up in my breeder tank now! I lost my breeder males, and am waiting now for some of the younger ones from the ribbon female to color up.

Full Reds - these guys have started dropping fry and are really beautiful. I love the way they contrast the green of the plants in the tanks. The line seems to throw a pretty even number of males and females which is nice.

Red Cobras (leopard) - Finally got some fry from these guys. Of the 3 Red Cobra lines I have, this is my least favorite. I may end up selling these to make room for the other lines.

Red Cobras (blonde) - We have lots of fry here! I am still very happy with them, and hope the tails and body patterns improve over the next few generations. The females are beautiful, and the males have nearly perfect matching dorsals. These are a favorite of mine and won't be going anywhere.

Red Cobras (albino) - We have fry here as well. Some are albino and some are sired by my other 2 cobra line males. Only time will tell on what they end up like. I split them into their own tank and added a pretty Blonde Yellow lace snakeskin male. I love these, and hope to keep working with them for a long time.

Full Yellows - I have 2 different lines of these that I am combining into one, in hopes of improving both and increasing the yellow intensity. These are a project I want to keep up with. I love yellow and the IFGA breeders just do not have a well developed line yet. One of the lines I am using has exceptional sparkling gold color and fin shape, but the size is very small. The other line is nice large fish with so-so color. Maybe by the next Michigan Guppy Breeders show I will have something worth showing in the yellows.

Blue/Green Moscow - These I got in a trade originally and they grew on me. I lost the male after the female dropped, so I still have plenty of youngsters to work with. These seem to be slower to mature than some of my lines. With the addition of the Blue/Green Moscows that I picked up at the auction last weekend, I may keep them going. I am not going to devote a ton of tank space to them however.

Japan Blue reds - This line suffered from the water issues, and I only have 1 pair left. That may be the end of them here.

Golden Cobra speartail - I lost the female of the pair, but the male lives on. I gave him an Albino Red Cobra female on the off chance he produces something. I will keep him till he dies, because he is so neat.

Leopard/Tiger endlers - These I have going in my community tank with some mixed Guppies and 4 female Bettas. I am just going to let nature do it's thing in that tank for now.

Blue Snakeskins - This line suffered the greatest setbacks. I am not terribly pleased with the remaining fish so I will probably scrap the whole bunch, except a male or two, and Bubble's grand daughter. I may toy with crossing the nicest males to a couple extended dorsal blue grass females.

That's all of them I think.

New fish!

Ok, well I admit to having a fish problem. I really do need to cut back, but how on earth could anyone decide which ones to let go?! I set out for the local fish auction last Saturday with the plan to bring home JUST the 2 pair of RREA Platinum Yellows that I was picking up from someone else who was also attending the auction. That was my excuse anyway. I came home with 4 foam boxes (one was HUGE and hubby has claimed it as a camping cooler), 2 5.5 gallon tanks, and over 35 fish.

So here is the run down on the new additions;
Blue Moscows
Green Lace Snakeskins
Tiger Endlers
a Colony of Red Tailed Goodieds
Albino Longfin Pleco
RREA Platinum Yellows

Now some of these will be used to help improve lines that I already have, some were just too good a price for some incredible fish that I could not help it. lol All of the Guppies are from excellent show lines (mostly the Mouseau's).

Now for the disappointing part. I ran out of tanks and have to keep some of them in buckets for the time being, and I can't find the batteries for my camera so I don't have any pictures to post! Sorry about that! Pictures to come soon I promise!