Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it Fryday?

In my Red Cobras, the smaller of the two females dropped her fry early this morning. I think there are around 35 of them and they look pretty good. I did lose the large female yesterday though. She never really adjusted from the move, so I was not surprised. I do have around 15 of her 3 week old fry though.

This strain seems to grow fairly slow which is surprising to me given the huge size of the females I purchased. They have the exact same water temp, feeding schedule, and water changes as the Blue Solid Snakeskins, and yet those are HUGE compared to these guys. Just shows you how much the hybrid vigor does. The Blue Solid Snakeskins are crosses between 2 large lines, and are growing like weeds. I had originally planned to sell that strain and just keep the one female and her offspring but after seeing how well they grow, I think I will keep it and work with it a bit more. At the very least it will be a great outcross where needed for my Blue Snakeskin line.

My Blue Solid Snakeskins and Tequila Sunrise fry all need to be sexed today. They are all getting big. The Snakes should not be too difficult but those yellows are still not showing much difference!

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