Monday, March 16, 2009

Photos - Blue Snakeskins

These are my Blue Snakeskins.

This guy is one of the Solid Blue Snakeskins from Rod. Lovely fish! I am selling these guys locally to make room for some others. I really like them but I had to pick my favorites and the snake tailed are it.

This is the Sharktailed Solid Snakeskin female that I kept from Rod. I am hoping to use her as the outcross for vigor reasons. Plus she is large and her tail is lovely. She should be dropping fry any time.

This is my young male Blue Snakeskin from Toni. I love this little fish. He is just so fancy and shimmering. The males of this strain have huge half round tails. He is only about 4 months old so he has a lot of growing to do yet.

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