Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fryday update

I did finally get all those fry sexed! Still occasionally finding a female in the boys, but they are young enough it isn't a problem. If there are any more girls in there, they will just go in the community tank and be sold as pet fish. The Tequila Sunrise were so difficult! It appears as though I have 1 female ribbon of them, and 3 male ribbons. I wish it were the opposite. Oh well. There are about 8 of each for the non-ribbons.

I think I am going to try to sell most of the Solid Snakeskins. I just don't have the tank space! I also seem to have a few extra Blue Snakeskin females.

The red Cobra fry are growing well. the older ones seemed to have hit a growth spurt finally. One of them is quite a bit larger than the rest. I am wondering if the others were too shy with 'big mama' in there to eat as much as they should have. mama is out of there now so they are safe to come out of hiding and they are doing well.

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