Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ribbon Fins!

They arrived yesterday and I am still working on getting really good photos.

The Blue Grass Ribbons she sent me 5 of, which was wonderful. Two non-ribbon females, 1 ribbon female, 1 ribbon male, and 1 non-ribbon male. I have the non-ribbon male in with the 3 girls to get a start on getting some fry so I have a bigger pool of fish to pick from. They are still pretty young, probably 2.5-3 mos old at most I would guess. The female ribbons are so incredibly beautiful. Here are some photos so far.
This is the Ribbon Female.

Non-Ribbon male.

Ribbon Male (cannot breed).

The fact that the Ribbon males cannot breed means you have to use the non-Ribbon males to the Ribbon females(preferable to keep the ribbon gene showing in as many offspring as possible) and to the Non-Ribbon fin females who carry the gene. Since my pool is limited at first I am breeding the ribbon carrying male to all 3 females. When these fry grow I will use only ribbon females to males from the ribbon female. That means that I will have to keep these first drops separate so I know who is who!

I also got 15-20 Tequila Sunrise Ribbon fry. These guys are much younger. Probably between 2-5 weeks old. Sexing these guys is a bit of a challenge as the gravid spots are pink and do not show up well against their lovely yellow bodies. The same breeding guideline will be followed for these as the Blue Grass however I will hopefully be able to start with a greater number of the pairings I want. I have no idea how many males and females I have at this point or which will be ribbon. Another challenge! It is a good thing I like challenges!

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