Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guppies Guppies Everywhere!

I now have 7 tanks and 2 one gallon jars full of Guppies. Well one of the tanks and one of the jars is not currently full but they will be shortly. I ordered a few more fish from Toni Milligan and they should be arriving any day. I decided after hours of oogling her fish site that I wanted some Ribbon Fins. So I ordered a young trio of Blue Grass Ribbons and some Tequila Sunrise Ribbon fry. I am still trying to decide which strains I want to focus on, or which crosses I might like to do, but I have some time yet.

In the meantime the Blue Snakeskins and Solid Blue Snakeskins are reproducing like crazy. I cannot get over how fast the Solid fry are growing! They are at least 2x the size of all my other fry that age. I definately want to use one of those girls as a cross to my Blue Snakeskin male. The Blue Snakeskin girls that were hit already have been dropping an amazing amount of fry for the size that they are still. These girls do tend to be fry hunters though so I am sure they snacked heavily. Next time I will put so many plants in the tanks they won't be able to move! Still with the snacking we have around 25 fry which is a good number. The girls have beautiful full tails so far with lacey black and yellow markings. The Solid Snakeskin girls have long flowing tails rather than the fan shape of the other line.

For my Red Cobra(ish) line, I am having trouble with these a little more. So far we have 1 drop from them, the other female looks like she will drop in about a week. Once she does I think I am going to put the girls and boys back in my community tanks and raise the babies to breed from. I think the girls are in the 6-8 month old range and they are getting a little finiky. The fry from the first drop did not do well. She dropped about 20 of them, within 2 days it was down to 15. Not because she was eating them but I would find dead fry on the bottom of the tank. It could have been from the preventative Levamisole treatment I did but I did not lose any fry in any other tank. None of them flock to the top of the tank for food like the rest of mine do either.

The Spanish Dancers are growing and coloring up nicely. The most colorful male is looking quite pretty now. His brothers who have not colored up as fast are passing him up now for size which I expected. I had to cull one of them tonight for a bent spine. Not my favorite part of animal breeding but it had to be done. It was a pretty severe bend that had become more and more severe over the last week or two. The girls are getting a little bit of color in on their tails now and are getting hefty. They are all still virgin and will stay that way for another month or two till I know which boys are the best.

I think that is everyone for now. I will post pictures when the new fish arrive.

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