Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello! Welcome to my Guppy Obcession!

I needed a website and I thought a blog might be easier for now. Much easier for me to update at least till I get my website finished. I started all this after my father-in-law got some pretty Multi Grass type guppies from a LFS near us. I set up a tank for some of the extras he would have and ended up bringing home some others from the LFS myself. Well long story short, they had camallanus worms and all ended up needing euthanized during treatment. By then I had purchased the fish listed below as well as some show type Blue Deltas. I decided that I was not crazy about the Blue Delta color and sold them to a local Guppy enthusiast.

I currently have the following strains:
  • Spanish Dancers (from Toni Milligan of Visions Guppies in CA)
  • Blue Snakeskins (Some from Toni and some from Rod of High Desert Guppies in OK)
  • Red Cobras (purchased with a community tank from a non-breeder)
I am also hoping to add a couple more so I can do some experimentation. I do plan to stick to the red/yellows more, but I love my shimmering blue snakes. Finding room for them has been the hard part! Our house is not very big and I am having to get very creative in tank placement!

I have had the Spanish Dancers and the Blue Snakes for almost a month now and they are doing great. The Dancers were purchased as fry and are still growing. The boys are just getting colored up now and practicing their aquatic moon dancing. I split the girls into a different tank so they would be virgin.

My Blue snakeskins were a young trio with some fry and they are developing nicely too. The females have both dropped once since being here and look to be about a week or two off from dropping again.

I also added another quad of Blue Snakeskins from Rod. They are solid tailed. After much thought I decided to just keep the largest sharktailed female from the quad and sell the others. I like the shimmery snakeskin tails better than the solids. I also have some of the solid snake fry in the Snakeskin tank so there will be quite an assortment in there in a few months. I'd like another tank for them but am not sure where to put it yet.

The Red Cobras were from a med student that did not have time to do the water changes needed on a 15 gallon community tank. So I bought the whole thing. There were 2 HUGE females (2.5-3" in length!) and 10 males plus some other fish in there. I immediatly removed the females who were harassed constantly by the large number of males. I put them in a 10 gallon with the 2 nicest males. They are still a bit timid and freak out when I turn the tank light on. I have no clue why. They have some fry in there now though which is promising. After I sell the remaining boys I may put this quad back in the community tank and just raise breeders from their fry.

So I think that is all for now. I do plan to purchase some more fish from Toni and the local guy may go in on a combined order to split shipping costs.

Photos to follow!

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