Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's been a while!

Ok I have been pretty busy this summer, so not too much time to do the blogging thing. The Guppies are all doing well but I discovered that my GH issues were causing a rapid decline in fertility. I think I have that fixed now, and the girls look to be plumping up like little sausages again. :)

Now for strain updates...

Blue Grass -
I have a bunch (and I mean bunch!) of these growing up now. Had a few red grass in the bunch as well. I am selling off any that are not extended dorsal, as that is one of the reasons I love this line. Everyone else will be kept and some shipped to the October show. The original females are HUGE again with dorsals larger than my male guppies bodies. Just amazing!

Blue Snakeskin -
I sold off my Solids except for Bubble's offspring. I kept 1 of her sons, and a few daughters. They all have semi-variegated tails and will be bred back into my variegated line to improve body type, size, and tail shape. I culled VERY hard the offspring from my original trio to keep only the best patterned males. Many had a lack of black patterning on the caudals or dorsals. I would also like to breed out the 'saddle' marking. Here are 2 of the males that I kept. These boys are in with my variegated girls as well as the Bubble daughters.

Red Cobras -
I have split these into 2 lines. The first being the original intent of Leopard tailed. The second is these beautiful Blonde Red Cobras. Both need adjustments to their caudal size and shape. I ordered some Albino Red Cobras to add to both, and have my albino full red female in with the Blonde Reds for now.

Yellows -
I lost one of my Yellow females due to dropsy over a month ago. Besides that the tank is doing very well. I did have to remove one of the 2 males because there was a lot of fighting going on and he kept getting beaten up. The other female dropped for me and there are lots of nice little fry in there now. I still have the Sunrise Ribbon female in there. I still want to work on the yellow intensity on these, and am trying to get some other lines to combine with them.
Blues -
I have a few little Moscows now, from 2 lines, as well as the solid blues that pop up out of my Blue Snakeskin line. I had no real intention of starting to work with Moscows but these just kind of fell into my lap so I put them in a tank.

Leopard Endler Project -
The male is in the outdoor 30 gallon tank with 2 goldfish, 3 blue snakeskin females, the Leopard Endler Hybrid female, and an IFGA HB Yellow female. No I really have no clue what will end up coming out of this tank in a month when I bring them in, but it should be interesting. lol

Full Reds -
Almost forgot about these guys. That female I got from the show dropped over 50 fry. They are starting to color up now and looking beautiful! I hope to have a few of these guys to send to the show in October as well.

I think that's about it. I have a few other varieties here and there but they are meant mostly as additions to others, or are just looking pretty in my tanks. I currently have too many projects and will probably cut back a bit more as fall hits, still deciding what I want to continue working on.

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