Monday, August 31, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Alright well It has come to the point where I am deciding what strains I want to continue to work with, and which ones I need to part with in order to have enough room to do what I want to do. Hard stuff!

I just got 4 pair of Japan Blue Reds from a trade, so I have these lovely fish to work with now. I am so excited, so those guys are staying.

It seems like almost every breeder has great Full Reds though, and since I like the unique stuff, I think I will probably end up parting with these. I might keep a couple just as an out cross to my Red Cobra line, which I am keeping. The Blonde Cobras have been upgraded to a 20 gallon tank from a 5 gallon, and I added in the Yellow Snakeskin, RREA Red Cobra, and Red Blonde snakeskins that I got from a few other breeders as well. This next generation should be really cool!

I am keeping the Full Yellow/Full Gold lines to continue working with. I love the color yellow.

I am also keeping my Blue Snakeskins and Blue Grass Extended Dorsals (and wondering if I can cross the Extended Dorsal genes into my Blue Snakes......).

The Speartails have not produced any fry for me so they will be going into the community tank shortly.

I am still debating on the Green Moscows. They might just end up in my community tank as well.

So I will be parting with quite a few fish over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on my Aquabid Auctions! I have been listing many auctions. If there is something you are interested in buying, please let me know!

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