Monday, November 23, 2009

New fish!

Ok, well I admit to having a fish problem. I really do need to cut back, but how on earth could anyone decide which ones to let go?! I set out for the local fish auction last Saturday with the plan to bring home JUST the 2 pair of RREA Platinum Yellows that I was picking up from someone else who was also attending the auction. That was my excuse anyway. I came home with 4 foam boxes (one was HUGE and hubby has claimed it as a camping cooler), 2 5.5 gallon tanks, and over 35 fish.

So here is the run down on the new additions;
Blue Moscows
Green Lace Snakeskins
Tiger Endlers
a Colony of Red Tailed Goodieds
Albino Longfin Pleco
RREA Platinum Yellows

Now some of these will be used to help improve lines that I already have, some were just too good a price for some incredible fish that I could not help it. lol All of the Guppies are from excellent show lines (mostly the Mouseau's).

Now for the disappointing part. I ran out of tanks and have to keep some of them in buckets for the time being, and I can't find the batteries for my camera so I don't have any pictures to post! Sorry about that! Pictures to come soon I promise!

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